Thursday, January 18, 2007

Hiatus to create

This past holiday 2006-07, I had an in-depth chat with my college
grad daughter about her future and then the topic strangely turned to
my own plans, like "So what are you doing with your life Dad?"

As unsettling as the truth can be, we both came to realize that my
goals beyond required a vital transformation. You know, you know what
I mean -- how easy it is to find a flow and go with it versus turning
the boat to go ashore and take stock of exactly how close the falls
are . . .

The current "flow" has been music promo since 1998 with one small
burp of creativity in 2004 with the release of my CodeX Hypnos
CD . . . and still no guitars.

So, as much as I LOVE promoting great music, my every waking moment,
I am doing nothing really creative and productive like woodshedding &
recording my own ideas. I exist too much, too deep in cyberspace. I
have been letting other artists provide the REAL art while I have
merely admired and shared my finds. That's nice, that's needed but my
own cupboard is bare except for rare solo performances to a few
hundred or more.

I spend 100s of hours "getting ready", grabbing up equipment,
studying new artists' styles, etc, etc but I am doing ZERO of my own
creation of the music I love, the ideas swirling around inside me
going unheard -- hummed, tapped out on a dashboard, whispered to
myself and then forgotten. How pathetic is that for one who loves
creativity and music -- to cast the gems given aside and then walk on.

So is going to become semi-annually vs
every 60 days. Enjoy the current show as it will be up for a good
LONG while as it is. It's a great show and worth the run it takes.

We hit 25,000 visits/listens last night and that milestone is
wonderful but now I shall turn my eyes to the real world of feeling
my fingers caress the strings, get cables hooked, see pedals linked,
set record button armed, with levels set and the digital "tape"
rolling. And one day I WILL share my joy with you all. I hope to at
last kick out the jams and find that groove again I sadly lost after
the last band I was in dissolved over 10 years ago!!

Carry on all you fusion freak flag waving heroes!

"I think I'll just sit this one out." ~ Trower and gang <--- [ U R HERE ]

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Buy Rare Fusion Jazz Rock here!

Okay guys, you cannot imagine the hours and cyber-muscle that went into putting this show together!!

I always think this every show -- but really -- THIS TIME --

Sir has outdone himself.

This baby really smokes and covers so many bases near and far in the Minkowskian Fusion World-Line that it staggers my ability to imagine all the neurons and practice sessions and takes that went into making music like this available to our mortal ears -- to "open the way" that we all can enter in . . .

I cease my epiphany.

I have finally added ALL info and shopping links for each artist so you fusion junkies can blow several hundred dollars off the show page.

BTW: I have an RR Gadow handmade axe in layaway and as well as two Event Tuned Reference Studio Monitors all due out THIS month. So, like buy something so I can earn oodles of commission / affiliate dollars AND you will be supporting the ARTISTS too! It's win-win for all of us. You hear, enjoy, discover, and buy new tunes, I make a mere pittance of kick-back moolah, and all those broke fusion bands can go buy a pizza after the gig next month!


~ jwp

. . . a fusion junkie known worldwide for his
cyber tenacity and general curmudgeon attitude . . .

and so I get what I want done somehow, someway -- even
if it means waiting a few decades . . .

last man standing . . .

Monday, January 8, 2007


Welcome to the JazzRock-Radio Happy 2007 show!

We again have a splendid show for you of 74 tracks of
new, unreleased, ultra-rare, some forgotten, obscure but
excellent tracks of fusion and prog/fusion.

SEVEN+ HOURS of streaming 24/7 mp3s
of killer jazz rock await you! Enjoy!

For this show I specially upped the bit rates of each track
to the max my server upload limit would allow so enjoy the
fidelity running from 64kbps up to 320kbps!!

Song order may seem out of order in your player according
to track numbers but it is exactly as I want it. Feel free to use
"Shuffle Play" on your media player if you like.

My special thanks go out to all fusion bloggers out there!
You know who you are and I owe ya!


Yin Yang Boogie ~ Daryl Stuermer
7-28-01 ~ The ReAwakening
Urania ~ Curvatura 9
Mais ~ Curvatura 9
Island Park ~ Robert Baglione
Flood Time ~ Robert Baglione
Positive Charge ~ Robert Baglione
Another Conception ~ Krzyszt of Misiak
Barytonowa ~ Krzyszt of Misiak
Best Before 8 May 97 ~ Krzyszt of Misiak
Eclipse ~ Dream Electrik
Lethal Bacon ~ Dream Electrik
Spirit and Flesh ~ Dream Electrik
Andromeda M31 ~ Sean Edward Ghannam
Sue's Cue ~ Cooper Tisdale
Sleep (Part 2) ~ Richard Jessee Project
Plane To The Trane ~ Mark Egan
Spirals ~ Mark Egan
Finally ~ Allan Holdsworth
Funnels LIVE ~ Allan Holdsworth
Absotively ~ Altered
Fata Morgana ~ Baalbek
For Bill ~ Brothers (with Eef Albers)
Spiral ~ Chad Wackerman
Beat #5 ~ Dimension
Take It Off The Top ~ Dixie Dregs 1979 King Biscuit Flower Hour
Luminous ~ Dysrhythmia
Melancholic Octopus ~ Fragile
Out Of Bounce ~ Fragile
Declic ~ Forgas Band Phenomena
Kaneh Bosm ~ Hidria Spacefolk
I Mantra ~ Hidria Spacefolk
Blow Back Buddy ~ Chris Beckers
One Night In Tokyo ~ Jartse Tuominen
Shaving Cream Man ~ Jartse Tuominen
Johnny Swing ~ Karizma
Milk Shock ~ Lalena
Neutral ~ Machine & The Synergetic Nuts
Texas ~ Machine & The Synergetic Nuts
Spherical Wave ~ Masfel
Between the Times ~ George McCabe
Escape From Z-Night ~ George McCabe
Ego ~ Mindflowers
Earplug ~ Mindflowers
Neesh Zone ~ Mike Stern
Bramcote Road ~ Vollink and Cornelissen
Wrong Format ~ Vollink and Cornelissen
Victory ~ Santana
Oneness ~ Santana
L.A.X. ~ Thierry Mineau
Power Job ~ Power Job
Sitt Inn ~ Power Job
Anyway You Want ~ Prism
Fred ~ Prism Cover LIVE 1977
Midnight Tango ~ Prism Cover LIVE 1977
Viking II ~ Prism
Chrystal Dreams ~ Eef Albers
Pyramids ~ Eef Albers
27 ~ Eef Albers
Devil's Tongue ~ RX
In The Wake Of ~ Ship Of Fools
Guidance Is Internal ~ Ship Of Fools
Samurai Faith ~ Tetsuo Sakurai
The Bottom Of The World ~ Valis LIVE
Oops Cha Cha ~ Wolfgang Schmid
Church of Hype ~ Brand X
El Vinon ~ Steve Khan
Force Majeure ~ Protocol LIVE
Streetwise ~ Protocol LIVE
Outback ~ Protocol LIVE
Havona ~ Fazjaz
Rainmaker ~ Koichi Yabori
Prime Number ~ Koichi Yabori
Final Report ~ Koichi Yabori ~ it doesn't get ANY better than this!

~ jwp

Sunday, January 7, 2007

NEW January Fusion Show 2007 teaser info!

Happy 2007 again!

I am really excited about the new 2007 show coming out in a few days!


I have added a new stats counter to the page and in 5 days the
current show has seen 568 viewer/listener hits from 37 countries!

The next show has taken me over 2 months to compile and oodles of
hours of research but BABY CAKES -- was it worth it!

I will spinning rare Holdsworth, Altered, Baalbek, long-lost Eef
Albers, Wackerman, Dimension, LIVE Dregs, new Fragile and
Dysrhythmia, Forgas Band Phenomena (Canterbury fusion), killer Hidria
Spacefolk, Chris Beckers, George McCabe, Jartse Tuominen, Karizma,
Lalena, Machine & The Synergetic Nuts, Másfél, Mindlowers, Mike Stern
from Neesh, Vollink and Cornelissen, Santana, Thierry Mineau, Power
Job!, Prism, RX, Ship of Fools, Tetsuo Sakurai, Valis, Wolfgang
Schmid, Brand X, Steve Khan, The ReAwakening, Curvatura 9, Rob
Baglione, Krzyszt of Misiak, Dream Electric, Sean Edward Ghannam,
Daryl Stuermer, Richard Jesse Project, Mark Egan, Cooper Tisdale and
whatever else I decide on . . .

The show sould run over 6 hours easy . . .

Stay tuned for more!

~ jwp

Friday, January 5, 2007

Some of my own music for you:

For those of you so interested, I have uploaded some of my own "musical" pieces. Two are electronic synth-driven works in the ambient vein and one is jazz rock fusion jam band type of music. Enjoy!

Here are the urls:

Ambient piece from my CodeX Hypnos CD 2004 release:

One I just created 12/2006 for fun:

Here I am ripping it up on axe with friends: (2000?)

Monday, January 1, 2007

Welcome to the streaming radio of JAZZ ROCK FUSION!

This is blog post number one. I have found superb fusion and prog rock blog info sites here -- so I now offer my own info services here as well.

Find a great streaming radio show of Jazz Rock Fusion at: